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                       “三年磨一劍”成就了如今的陜西安嘉冷暖科技有限公司,能夠更好地為客戶提供品質優越、質量穩定的產品和成熟的技術服務,是我們不懈的追求。  我們根據用戶在不同應用領域需求,提供量身定制的各類節能高效產品和系統解決方案。




                Shanxi Anjia Cold and Warm Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Yangling High-tech Industrial Demonstration Zone of Shanxi Province, formerly Shanxi Anjian Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is based in Xi'an, dedicated to serving Midwest engineers. Since its establishment in 2016, it has provided refrigeration products and maintenance services for more than 1000 end-users. Due to the development and growth needs, in March 2019, the factory was expanded and relocated to Yangling, China Agricultural Science City. The new factory covers an area of 20 mu. It serves customers all over the country and upgrades supporting and service. At the same time, it was renamed Shaanxi Anjia Leng Warm Technology Co., Ltd.

                 "Three years grinding a sword" has achieved the present Shanxi Anjia Cold Warm Technology Co., Ltd. to better provide customers with superior quality, stable quality products and mature technical services, is our unremitting pursuit. According to the needs of users in different application areas, we provide customized energy-saving and efficient products and system solutions. 

                The core products include screw parallel unit, piston parallel unit, scroll parallel unit, barrel pump unit, water-cooled condensation unit, air-cooled condensation unit, sub-critical carbon dioxide unit, heat pump cooling and heating unit and supporting control system, which are widely used in food, chemical industry, medicine, scientific research, logistics, fishery, wine-making, agriculture and other industries.

                 New names, new addresses and new starting points give us unlimited motivation to work hard and keep forging ahead to meet the future with pragmatism, tenacity, innovation and integrity.

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